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    Marcus Garvey

    It was a pleasure to watch Nigeria during a the world Cup of a few days ago. They did not play well in the first half but it was really nice to watch them in the second half. What stood out for me was their off the ball movement. The Nigerian forwards seem to have the art of moving off the ball down pat.

    I would really like to see our players play like that and I really hope Mattocks watch that game. Mattocks have been playing well for DC in the first half’s. Then the second half comes around and he take time off. To be more specific he walks around and no darting runs from him. We have to develop the instinct of running off the ball, making those diagonal runs to create space and scoring chances.

    I really hope coach Whithmore more realize these deficiencies and has plan to fix and enhance out play. Cory Burke moves well of the ball but needs to improve his finishing. The Germans seem to have the art of moving off the ball down pat too.

    Germany’s Boateng was master at making forward passes in their last world cup game. They seem to have the concept of strategic play all sorted out. Time after time Boateng would make passes down the right side. That type of play I have been dying for the Reggae boyz to play. IT’s predictable but effect. Can you stop them from creating chances. Time after time when watch the Jamaica national side they try to all sort of methods to create scoring chances. It’s perfectly ok to identify a weakness and constantly attack it.
    The Germans realize their opponent left fulback was weak and they attacked it.

    Anyway what are your thoughts, kindly sign up and make a post.

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