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    Marcus Garvey

    One sure way to beat a Jamaica team is by crossing the ball into the box. This weakness is common place across all age groups.
    Practice your crosses before tackling a Jamaica team and you will likely win the game.

    The defending and closing down space of attacking winger or fullback has been a major issue for Jamaica teams forever.
    That’s one issue, the other is defending of the cross once it’s made into the box. For the life of me, I can’t understand why our defenders can’t mark a player in the box and stay close to attacking players in the box. They are often running into each other, rather find a free player to mark.

    Anyway, what are your thoughts?

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    The other issue with Jamaican Teams is that they don’t cross the ball often enough. Especially, Lawrence and Fisher. Lawrence has a laser guided crossing ability, but for some reason while playing for Jamaica he refuses to cross the ball.
    The other deficiency in his game, is his reluctance not to take on players on the wing and get to the touchline to make a cross into the box.
    The ball has to be in the box 90% of the time for you to score. So guys dump the ball ball in the box even if there is only one striker there, just cross it.

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